What Does 2IIC Stand For?

Dr. Ward created the concept of 2iiC with the understanding of how "two eyes" can often see the depth of issues. Man's ability to see depth perception results from having two eyes.  With the efforts of two eyes, those of the owner and consultant, they can see and discover the depth of problems and solutions to existing problems of work inefficiencies.

About 2IIC Consulting

2iiC Consulting is a Process and Statistical Business Improvement Company, incorporated in the state of Oregon in 2006.  It's founder, Dr. Ward, has owned and managed six figure organizations.  The company 2iiC Consulting is founded on the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies when implemented result in increased business profitability and productivity.  

From incremental improvement to breakthrough performance.

The goal of 2iiC Consulting is to deploy Six Sigma technologies to businesses thereby providing breakthrough performances in service and manufacturing enterprises.  2iiC Consulting will result in increased shareholder value, increased revenues, improved market share, and increased profitability and ROI at the business level.  At the operations level, 2iiC Consulting will result in reducing cycle times, reducing resource requirements, improving output volume, improving process yield, reducing defects, reducing variability, and improving process capability at the process level.

2iiC founder and owner Dr. Edward E. Ward has thirty years of experience as the sole proprietor in private business.  His education includes an MBA focused in management and leadership from George Fox University, advanced certification in Greenbelt Six Sigma, Black Belt Six Sigma, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and the Essentials of Project Management from Villanova University.  His entrepreneurial spirit has created wealth for his clients.  Dr. Ward has taught business courses at PCC Cascade Campus and Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

For more in depth information on Dr. Ward's academic background and military, professional and community service, visit his website DrWardInterstateDental.com and see "meet the doctor".

2IIC Business Process Management Consultants

2IIC  Promises to teach Six Sigma problem solving methodology which is the most effective method available for improving business and organizational performance.
Six Sigma Methodology has been primarily used in Fortune 500 companies but it's tools can also be applied to small businesses. The technology is designed to reduce common cause variation, and is designed to eliminate special cause variation resulting in error.

These variations appear as:

  1. Product Returns or Warranty Costs
  2. Customer Complaints
  3. Accounts Receivable and Invoicing Issues
  4. Cycle Time or Responsiveness
  5. Ineffective of Defective Services
  6. Yield and Subsequent Rework or Scrap
  7. Capacity Constraints
  8. Excessive Inventory Levels
Six Sigma methodology will expose the "hidden factory of your business enterprise."  When any one of the many critical activities of your business is compromised or doesn't function to its expectation, risk and error are propagated throughout the entire system.  The reality of fixing the results of propagated error is known as the "hidden factory".  Instead of "This is just the way it is," Six Sigma returns these economic losses back to the business.


What This Means To The Small Business Owner:

Six Sigma deployment results in increased business profit, maximized business capacity, and longterm sustainability.